Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Graduated with my Bachelors of Nursing from SUU!! Done with school finally!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Lots has happened since I have last blogged. Nate is back in school at Snow full time and has to drive to Ephraim EVERY day which totally sucked on gas, hence we bought a new car and we love it! I passed my RN boards back in August and was working at Stonehenge which I loved, but accepted a job at the hospital (Sevier Valley hospital ) and I started in November and I really can say I love my job and everyone I work with. I know I am that new graduate nurse excited about life, but seriously it has been my dream since I was little and now I am finally living it. I have learned so much and continue to every shift. I am also finishing my bachelors degree in nursing down at SUU and graduate May 1st!!' Yahoooo! So ready to be finished with school. 
Trigg is just growing and developing new skills everyday. We love him so much and laugh all day long at the funny things he does. Physically I swear he is so far ahead, but the boy just doesn't like to talk, and if he does some makes no sense. But he says, " what's that?","horse","dog","moo" "dad" "chicken or sadly cock, clarify--> we say cock a doodle doo", and the rest is in his own language. But he babbles all
Day and is improving everyday. He runs, jumps, rides his strider, plays ball, and did I mention runs?? All day!! He is fast too!
He also started nursery! Some days he loves it and others he doesn't. He is growing right up. 
   We had great holidays with our families and are just busy playing life and enjoying evey minute we get together. Here is a little catch up in our last 7 months! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I never want to forget.....

I never want to forget the day Trigg reached to hold my hand... Sounds silly to some of you, but as busy, crazy, stressed to the max mom this was by far one of the most amazing things, and something I never want to forget. 
  It was July 13th his 1st birthday... We were walking down the hallway in church during sacrament meeting. Doing the usual laps around the church hallways when Trigg stopped, looked up at me with those big blue eyes and lifted his hand and grabbed onto mine. My heart just dropped! It was by far the best birthday present I could have gotten. Something so simple, but so sweet at the same time. Since then I put my hand down and open it, and he grabs right onto it. We hold hands walking to the car, walking down the hallway to our rooms, in the stores, and so on. I never thought something so little and oblivious would mean so much to me as a mom. I know this is one of many things that will bring tears into my eyes as a mom. 
   After that I put all my frustrations with life, school, work and anything else away knowing there is so much more to life than all that, being a mom is so much more rewarding! Like I said before I never want to forget this simple little moment, so here it is, journaled and blogged! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Trigg's birthday theme was suprise suprise BASEBALL, of course! Nate kept telling me I was going way to crazy for a birthday he won't remember,  but  it was his first birthday party!! So yes I went all out and it was a blast! 
   We had both families, cousins , and friends! We had a slip in slide for the kids. We served Hot Dogs of course, then lots of salad and fruit! Also popcorn, bubble gum, sunflower seeds, cracker jacks, and of course cake!! 
And a special thanks to my amazing doodler ( is that even a word??) friend McCall for this cute sign she made!! Love it! 
Trigg dug right into his cake! It was so cute! It turned out to be perfect! Thank you to everyone that helped make it amazing!!! ( Nate, mom, dad, Jennica, Autumn, Brittney) especially! 

  My sister in law Brittney made both his cakes and I loved the way they turned out! I wish we could have kept his big one forever! She does an AMAZING job, and they tasted delicious! Thank you Britt!  
Notice the NY and A logo's for both family teams. We didn't need any team battling! 

Well until next year!!!! Happy Birthday Trigg!!